HW/SW bugs resolved. Videos uploading

Sincere apologies and thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding while waiting for news.

We’ve been resolving a few final issues and recording some demonstration videos.

6 videos should be up on the SynthMuse youtube channel soon and we would be glad of your comments. Apologies in advance for any focussing issues you see in the uploads.

Now that we have the videos done, we hope that people should have a really good idea of how the SynthiMuse works and decide if they would like to have one.

We have 10 units in their cases ready to go and we will be in touch with those people that have registered an interest to give them first options on the available units.

Once these 10 are sold, another pre-production batch of 15 or 20 will be put together and offered in a similar manner.

So, please be patient, full production batches should be coming in January so please hold tight.

Best Wishes

Gerry Murray

The SynthiMuse Team