4 Deliveries made. Some software changes

Hi All

There are now a modest 4 SynthiMuses out in the wild!

Customers have been mostly positive in their comments but they’ve asked for a couple of additional capabilities and have spotted a minor bug.

1. No MIDI channel could be assigned.
This has been fixed. Manual will be updated.

2. When the SynthMuse was clocked by external MIDI, there was no ability to generate 16th notes. ( A major oversight on our part ! )
This capability has been added. We’re just trying to decide how best to present it: should it be as well as the existing speeds or should we throw out the ‘1/6’ speed and replace it with the ‘1/4’. The problem with this is that the front panel graphics would be out of sync with the functions. We’ll come to some arrangement.

3. Minor bug: Occasional stuck notes when triggered by external audio.

Once we’ve checked our software changes, we’ll send out updates for the four existing units shipped and all later units will run with the updated software.

We’ll be in touch with the next group of people on the mailing list to offer the next units.

Best Wishes

Gerry Murray