About SynthiMuse


The original idea for the┬áSynthiMuse was to design a ‘Sample/Hold’ module for analog synthesizers.

This module is traditionally used to generate truly random notes that have no connection to musical scales.

We decided from the start that it had to be based on a genuine noise source and it was also necessary was to have the ability to play random notes in musical scales.

As well as this, must have a traditional analog control panel.
No LCDs.
No Menus.
No encoder wheels

Rather than have it generate just voltages for an analog synth, we realised that if was implemented it using a microcontroller, it could become a product with a wider appeal outside of the analog synthesizer domain.
We decided to make it able to generate MIDI data that could drive modern synths and Music Workstations.

The design has been evolutionary. We considered everything that the basic note generation could be extended to do and we implememented as much functionality while adhering to the feel and accessibility of an analog control panel.

From these efforts, the final design started to take shape and the scope of it widened to become the SynthiMuse that we have now.

But, we haven’t forgotten the original plan : a version of the┬áSynthiMuse will be available that will generate 1V/Octave, Trigger & Gate signals to allow it to drive a standard modular synthesizer.