Can’t Buy! ( prices were : £205 // $264 )

We are SOLD OUT! ( for now )

The next batch will be planned available in March 2019.

Rough details of the next model:

1. Custom ‘skiff’ enclosed 3U high model for digital desktop use with MIDI & USB MIDI

2. 3U high rack-mountable model with full analog input and output.

Please register your name on the : Synthimuse Contact page and we’ll keep you informed of progress.

Below are the prices for the sold out first pre-production batch.

Here are the prices for SynthiMuses + shipping to various locations:



The fully built SynthiMuse package includes :

The Standard SynthiMuse : Audio Input, USB MIDI, DIN MIDI In & Out

1 Worldwide Power Supply
USB Lead
2 * DIN MIDI Cables
1 * 3.5mm Audio Lead

Go to the Contact page to let us know you would like to buy and we’ll let you know if there is one available and the PayPal details.