Software Issues/Fixes

Below is the full list of issues that we have found or have been reported by users.

SM001 : SM ignores MIDI if clock or data is present on power up. – Fixed
SM002 : Clock source can’t be changed during a MIDI clocked note. – Fixed
SM003 : MIDI ‘Start’ command, if received while the SM is busy should stop an ongoing note and generate a fresh one. – Fixed
SM004 : Change the response of the Pitch – Offset to make in finer in the middle.
The control response could be changed so that it’s finer in the middle 3 octaves but coarser to the extremes to allow the user to more easily create tunes using this control.
SM005 : Add the ability to edit single note pitches in a loop.
SM006 : Allow sysex upload/download of sequences.
SM007 : The ‘Rand/User’ scale doesn’t get saved so will be lost on power off. Get it to save at creation time.